Star Ocean: Anamnesis Shows Off Rena, Futaba, And Kasumi From Persona 5 Royal Collaboration



Star Ocean: Anamnesis’ Japanese version just kicked off a new banner featuring three characters from the Persona 5 Royal collaboration with Futaba Sakura, Kasumi Yoshizawa, and Rena in a Shujin High School outfit.


Rena Lanford (CV: Nana Mizuki|Artist: Yukihiro Kajimoto)



Here’s Rena’s Rush Combo & victory screen:


Futaba Sakura (CV: Aoi Yuuki|Artist: Rolua)



Here’s Futaba’s Rush Combo and victory screen video:


Kasumi Yoshizwa (CV: Sora Amamiya|Artist: LAM)



Here’s Kasumi’s Rush Combo & victory screen video:

The banner featuring Rena, Navi, and Kasumi will be available through November 7, 2019.


Star Ocean: Anamnesis is available on iOS and Android. The global version of the game is scheduled to shut down on November 5, 2019. Check our previous report for a closer look at Joker and Yu Narukami in the game.

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