Steam Summer Sale 2020 Dates Unearthed by Dataminers

steam summer sale 2020

This summer is going to be pretty busy for video games! While we’re just at the beginning of several E3-like event streams, we can’t forget about the regular traditions as well. That includes the Steam Summer Sale, which has been ruining wallets for years. Along with, you know, every other big seasonal Steam sale event. The folks behind SteamDB, a community dedicated to datamining Valve’s enormous platform, are confident that they’ve confirmed the dates for the Steam Summer Sale 2020 edition.

Not long after this tweet, Pavel Djundik of SteamDB followed up saying this date is “confirmed,” corroborating the sources with seemingly more verifiable data. Other folks in the community are out there supporting the dates as well. Nothing official has come from Valve yet of course, but assuming this information is true, the Steam Summer Sale 2020 will be running from June 25 to July 9, 2020.

So if you’re planning on buying any PC games any time soon, you may want to wait and spend the next month-ish on backlog time. And if you aren’t planning to buy any PC games, you still might want to keep an eye on Steam as the Summer Games Festival kicks off and runs throughout the summer.

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