Steins;Gate Price Reduced To $30 On J-List Store


    Note: Some of the links below may be NSFW.


    We’re a little late to this news, but since we missed it, I would assume a few others have, too. JAST USA have reduced the price of Steins;Gate on PC. A new release of  the game, called Steins;Gate “The Best” Edition, now retails for $29.95, with the download version of the game being available for the same price.


    Additionally, JAST USA are also selling packaged copies of MoeNovel’s If My Heart Had Wings on the J-List store, and if you buy from them, you’ll also get a Steam download key of the game for free. The packaged edition is available for $19.95.


    J-List is also providing free shipping for all visual novels in English this month, which you might want to take advantage of.


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