Steredenn Brings Aggression And Random Generation To The Shmup Genre

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Big pixels meet big bullets in Steredenn. It’s an endless, chaotic side-scrolling roguelike shmup. Developer Pixelnest Studio has now launched it on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’ll also be heading to Xbox One in a few months.


Steredenn’s biggest lures are its aggression and random generation. The two actually combine as you’ll need to get yourself worked up to take on all the unpredictable twists that any run can take.  The idea is to have action as hardcore as the music in that launch trailer above.


You can expect to run in any number of asteroid fields, laser rains, meteor showers, old battlefields, and labyrinths of lasers as you fight against an endless army of space pirates. Expect some huge, frenetic bosses to take down as well.


On your side are 35 different weapons, including a driller, ultralaser, giant saw, robots, and hypergun. Plus, you get over 25 upgrades that enhance your ship, unlock new powers, and let you combine guns with boosters.


There are also different game modes to keep you occupied. They include Daily Run (one chance per day to score on a global leaderboard), the Arena (a 1v1 boss duel), and Superplay (a fixed variant of the game with no random generation).


Steredenn is available for $12.99 (with 15 percent off during its launch period) over on Steam.

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