“Stop Touching Me There,” Says One Character From Otomedius Excellent

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It looks as though just about everyone but Konami is willing to talk about Otomedius Excellent. The ESRB published their rating for the game today (a merciful “T”), with the usual smirk-inducing tidbits. Read on for the goods:


Content descriptors: Mild Fantasy Violence, Partial Nudity, Suggestive Themes


Rating summary: This is a side-scrolling shooter in which players control small characters that fly through the air and destroy fantastical alien ships. Players fire missiles and lasers at waves of enemies (e.g., robot penguins, floating spacecraft, mech-robots) in constant air battles; enemies and objects explode in fiery bursts and bright particles. The game depicts several female characters in revealing outfits—their breasts/buttocks are partially obscured by towels, strategic poses, and skimpy costumes. In one mini-game, players can scroll an on-screen cursor over characters to “touch” them (e.g., “Stop touching me there,” “You can touch me, but no one else!”); some sequences contain instances of suggestive dialogue (e.g., “We’d better get hot and bothered for this,” “Are you trying to turn me on or find my off switch?”).


A release date for Otomedius Excellent hasn’t officially been announced yet, but Gamestop say it’s coming in June. They also recently put up a listing for a collector’s edition of the game.

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