As part of Street Fighter’s 25th anniversary celebration, Capcom are releasing a Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set. At $300, it’s an expensive piece of memorabilia, and Capcom are only releasing 5,000 pieces of it worldwide.


Characters included in the Chess set are: Ryu and M. Bison (kings); Chun-Li and Juri (queens); Ken, Guile, Balrog and Vega (bishops); E. Honda, Blanka, Rolento and Akuma (knights); Dhalsim, Zangief, Sagat and Seth (rooks); and Ryu’s fist and Shadaloo winged skull (pawns).


The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set will be released next month. It’s available for pre-ordering on Capcom’s online store. You can read more about it on there as well. However, if you’re more interested in celebrating with actual games, there’s the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set, due out in September.



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