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Street Fighter V Akira Gameplay Trailer Recalls Rival Schools

Street Fighter V Akira

Capcom has released a new gameplay preview for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, this time focused on Akira Kazama, a crossover fighter first seen in 1997’s Rival Schools: United By Fate.

As confirmed during the Street Fighter V summer update, the Akira gameplay trailer shows off what the veteran biker and bajiquan practitioner can do as part of the roster. Her move list is based on her default setting from Rival Schools, but includes elements of her “Powered” form, an alternative style seen in Rival Schools sequel Project Justice. It consists of powerful strikes, incorporating the explosive elbow and shoulder checks of bajiquan.

Akira can call on the unique Street Fighter V system of V-Skills. Her first V-Skill, Kiko Rensei, enhances her special attack, Kiko Kai. Tsutenda, her second V-Skill, launches an opponent and sets them up for air combos. She also has a V-Shift evasion move, which counters with a powerful elbow hit. Her first V-Trigger move, Otoko no Senaka (“A Manly Back”) summons her brother, Rival Schools’ Daigo Kazama, to throw in a few moves. Akira’s second V-Trigger, Haten no Kamae (“Broken Heaven Stance”), causes her to take a one-legged stance and converts her moves into a series of rapid palm and elbow strikes. Finally her Critical Art calls in Daigo once again for a combined combo.

The end of the trailer previews costumes available for Akira when she joins the Street Fighter V roster. Her story costume will have her put on her full biker suit, including the skull helmet, while the others include her school uniform, a maid outfit, beach wear, and a track suit. She will also have a unique stage, Rival Riverside.

Akira is included as part of the Street Fighter V Premium Pass and Character Pass for Season 5. Buyers of the pass will also get Dan, Rose, and Oro. Oro releases on the same day as Akira: August 16, 2021.

Street Fighter V: Championship Edition is immediately available for the PlayStation 4 and PC .

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