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Street Fighter V: Ken Trailer And Screenshots


Ken will be a playable character in Street Fighter V, Capcom announced during a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con today. Now, we have a better look at him with a trailer and batch of screenshots.


Capcom’s press release states: “Ken brings an array of new abilities to Street Fighter V, where his tricky mix-ups and flashy combos have the ability to bewilder opponents and deal huge damage.”


Street Fighter V is in development for PC and PlayStation 4.


ken_sdcc_01 ken_sdcc_02 ken_sdcc_03 ken_sdcc_04 ken_sdcc_05 ken_sdcc_06 ken_sdcc_07 ken_sdcc_08 ken_sdcc_09 ken_sdcc_10 ken_sdcc_11 ken_sdcc_12

Street Fighter V: Ken Trailer And Screenshots


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