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Street Fighter V Rose DLC Will Include Fortune Teller Elements and Marina of Fortune

street fighter v rose dlc

The Street Fighter V Winter Update didn’t kick things off with Dan. Rather, another DLC showed up first. We got to see the Street Fighter V Rose moveset and stage. She’ll apparently have more fortune teller elements this time around.

When Rose shows up in Street Fighter V, her story will go into her connection with Menat. (Her apprentice is already in the game.) We also know a few details about some of her moves. She will have a moveset with old and new attacks. For example, she’ll have Soul Breeze, an attack with her sash, as a Standing HP attack. Her Soul Spark projectile will return. This time, it can be used in mid-air or could be set in mid-air. Her anti-air attack will be Soul Bind.

A few of her special moves were discussed too. For her V-Skill 1, she’ll use a tarot card. This will either give her a buff or debuff her enemy. V-Skill 2 will bring Soul Satellite back. People can have up to two of them orbiting around her. V-Trigger 1 will allow her to warp around the screen to different positions. Also, for V-Trigger 2 her Soul Illusion move will return. This allows her to summon a copy to help her with combos.

As for her stage, we’ll once again return to Venice. Marina of Fortune will have people return to the city. As a reminder, her Street Fighter Alpha 2 home stage also took us to Italy.

Street Fighter V is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC. The Street Fighter V Rose DLC will appear in 2021.

Jenni Lada
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