Street Fighter X Tekken DLC: Some Of Dudley, Elena, Lars And Alisa’s Moves

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Street Fighter X Tekken director, Taisaku Okada, has posted an update to the Capcom blog, touching upon the moves and strengths of four of the twelve additional characters coming to the game as downloadable content this month. You can find more detailed descriptions in Okada’s post, but here are a few blurbs:

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Dudley’s Jet Upper:

Dudley’s Jet Upper is a vertically moving uppercut and one of his stable special moves. For SFXTK the move has been tweaked so that all four versions (LP, MP, HP, EX) have unique characteristics to them, so be sure to try them out in different situations, such as in combos or in anti-air situations.


Elena’s Sliding move:

Elena will perform Sliding when you press diagonally down and forward plus Heavy Kick, which allows her to pass under projectiles. If blocked at close range, Elena is at a big disadvantage, so use it with caution.


Lars’ Silent Entry:

Silent Entry works much like Dudley’s Duck, in that it can pass through projectiles, and while in motion you can press Punch or Kick to get various follow-up attacks.

The EX version of this move is fully invincible on startup, and at close range will put you behind the opponent, giving you the chance to cross them up and go for the kill.


Alisa’s Destructive Form:

Alisa can shift to Destructive Form by pressing Down and all three Punch buttons at the same time. While in this form, all of Alisa’s punch attacks will use her chainsaws, and with that comes additional reach and even chip damage.


Street Fighter X Tekken’s 12 DLC characters will be released on July 31st for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The PC version will receive the DLC characters at a later date, while the Vita version will come with them included this October.

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