Capcom announced Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile for iOS devices last week, and today, they’ve released a few more details of the game, confirming that it will play similarly to Street Fighter IV on iOS. Here’s a screenshot with the control layout:


The “P” button punches, the “K” button kicks, and the “SP” button is context-sensitive and performs different special moves depending on what direction you tap it in conjunction with. Tapping SP makes Ryu do a Hadouken, but forward + SP results in a Shoryuken. Finally, “X” tags your partner in or performs a launcher attack.



Partner characters in Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile have no life bar of their own. Instead, they have a Partner Gauge, and hitting this makes it deplete faster. Once it’s gone, the partner character tags back out, and the Partner Gauge needs to replenish until they can be tagged in again. Thus, the goal of all matches is to beat the primary character you’re facing. However, while the partner character is tagged in, the primary character can regenerate some health.


Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile will be released sometime this summer.


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