Streets of Rage Remake


Streets of Rage, the archetypal SEGA Genesis/Megadrive 2D side-scrolling beat’em up, will soon be gracing the Wii Virtual Console. Presumably, for a price. Now, taking into consideration that a) most people haven’t got their much deserved Wiis yet b) Virtual Console games are slightly overpriced c) every PC owner has more than 128MB of RAM, an estimated 94% of you dear Siliconera readers will be thrilled to know that BoMbErGaMeS have developed an excellent -and accordingly freeware- remake of Streets of Rage. Get your 70MB download here and know that it will run perfectly on any PC bought during the last 5 years.

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Streets of Rage Remake, just so you know, while keeping the traditional gameplay formula and banal 80s story, expands on the original by adding more locations, more levels, new moves, obscure enemies and  quite a few extra animation frames. Even the original music has been remixed, though not necessarily improved. Not impressed yet? Well, I guess you’re too much of a traditionalist then. Better try Streets of Rage Online, the ultimate SoR archive.