Sundae Funday: Another Year, Another GDC


Sunday morning is here, which means it’s time for Sundae Funday, your weekly three scoops of Siliconera content you might have missed (or ignored)! It was actually harder to find stories that got overlooked this week, since a lot of our content from GDC and other corners of the gaming world did get noticed and even got discussed, which makes us happy.


GDC itself went off rather well, and we snagged a few interviews at the show we think people will like. We also got another non-GDC interview this past week, which I was personally pretty excited for (hint: it’s for a game a lot of you are looking forward to).


Friday also marked the end (more or less) of our Pokémon Diary series, which has easily been one of our most successful columns to date, thanks to Laura’s undying love for the games. A lot of effort and editing and fine-tuning went into that feature, and I’m genuinely going to miss it, even though I spoiled a good portion of Pokémon Black/White for myself while searching for appropriate images and checking facts while editing it.



Half-Minute Hero Creators Talk About Why Their Games Play With Time

Opus Studio are behind games such as Half-Minute Hero and Jikandia: The Timeless Land, and both games revolve around the concept of time in some manner. As part of a larger Jikandia interview, we asked them about their obsession with time.


Hands-On The PlayStation Move Powered Robot

Sometime in the near future, Sony will release a piece of software for the PlayStation 3 that lets you link the PlayStation Move controller with other devices using Bluetooth. At GDC, they demonstrated it by controlling a mini-robot. Virtuaroids anyone?


Harada Gets His Revenge

This picture from Katsuhiro Harada’s Twitter feed isn’t a Siliconera story, but it is amusing nonetheless, especially in light of Ono’s rampage through Namco Bandai’s U.S. office last month.


Harada: @Yoshi_OnoChin at my office. He tried to steal our "TAG2 latest version ROM."


This week’s sundae is from MyRecipes. It made me hungry when I wrote this post, but I skipped out on breakfast anyway, since I went to see my grandparents today and they always deem it fit to stuff me with food until I explode whenever I visit.

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