Eskimo pie ice-cream

Wondering what this week’s ice-cream picture is? It’s called “Eskimo Pie Ice-cream,” and you can read more about it here. Essentially, it’s ice-cream covered by a chocolate bar. We’ve seen so many variants of this idea for years, but the original looks pretty unique!


And with that, on to this week’s three scoops of news!



Namco Bandai Trademarks

We came across a few Namco Bandai trademarks this week. Amongst them was what sounds like a Katamary Damacy mobile phone, but also trademarks for “Blood Vengeance,” “Dark Escape” and “American Life,” all of which sound like subtitles. Any guesses?


Gods Eater Burst Playtest: Being a Post-Apocalyptic Exterminator is Hard

Laura recently wrote up a playtest for Gods Eater Burst, which she feels is probably one of the hardest games she’s ever played. I can’t say I disagree; Burst is certainly frustrating in its first few hours…much more so than Monster Hunter, I felt, due to the front-and-centre presence of guns from the get-go.


The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Playtest: “Kill Stuff! Don’t Die!”

The other playtest some of you might like to read is The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, which Kris took for a spin last week. I find it interesting that The Dishwasher turned out better than a much more visible (and perhaps anticipated) game of a similar nature: Moon Diver, which was also playtested by Kris.



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