Sundae Funday: Osaka And Schoolgirls


News, news, news. This past week was rather busy, even aside from all the news that came out of Capcom. I have to admit, I was very glad once the weekend came around, since it meant spending a little more time practising Juri’s moveset in Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition.


I mentioned this in the comments in one of the BlazBlue posts this week, but I’m genuinely shocked at how good — and sporting — some of the players in Super IV 3D’s online community are. The touch buttons actually appear to be encouraging people to learn to play the game well, and its intricacies, rather than spam Hadoukens.



The Draw Of Osaka Through The Eyes Of A Game Developer

Known for developers like Capcom and the Square Enix team that developed Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Japan’s Kansai region is brimming with talent, and we talked a little about this with Active Gaming Media, who feel that the city of Osaka in particular is a great place to both work and live for various reasons.


How Kenichiro Takaki Plans To Make Half-Minute Hero More Than A One-Hit Wonder

Marvelous Entertainment producer, Kenichiro Takaki, has been in the news a lot this past week, thanks to Kagura: Portrait of Girls. However, Takaki is first and foremost responsible for the Half-Minute Hero series, which we had a chance to ask him about recently. This post is a little tease of our interview to come.


Gachitora’s Teacher Helps His Students By Punching Paparazzi And Playing A Shmup

Gachitora looks crazier every time you turn away and look back at it again. Only in this game do you “help” a female student by posting a video of her in lingerie on the Internet…


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