Sundae Funday: Read Up On Game History With Blaster Master

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Time for another Sundae Funday! Before we get on with today’s news recap, though, I wanted to link to this discussion on Bounce that a lot of us are participating in, about our favourite manga series. It’s rather enlightening, since we all have pretty varied tastes.


Bounce has actually been pretty active lately, and it’s all thanks to our regulars that have kept it alive with discussions. Thanks to all of you (Zero_Destiny in particular, for starting so many discussions) who’ve kept it going!


A lot of us also talk to each other on Twitter, which I have to admit is nice. I was never a big Twitter fan back when the service launched, but over the last year or so, it’s really grown on me, especially because it gives me a chance to hang out with our readers in a “non-work” environment.


OK, on with our three scoops of news!


An Interview With The Creator Of Blaster Master

Active Gaming Media and Siliconera have been talking to each other a lot lately. What started out as a simple talk about their company and Japanese games and development culture in general has turned out a few additional excellent pieces of content. One of these is an in-depth interview with the creator of Blaster Master, which is a fascinating read if you’re interested either in the game or game history in general.


Our First Stop On BurgerTime World Tour Is An Interview With MonkeyPaw And Frozen Codebase

Another interview! This one’s with the developers of BurgerTime World Tour. MonkeyPaw have a vision to revive and evolve retro games, and World Tour is their first attempt. This interview covers, among other things, how and why BurgerTime World Tour feels more like a platformer than the original game did.


The PC Tools You Need To Make A RPG Rooted In Japanese Mythology

And finally, something a little “lighter,” but still productive. RPG Maker VX is getting a downloadable update that adds content based on Japanese mythology. If you haven’t looked at the software before, now might be a good time to research it!




If you’re wondering where this week’s ice-cream is from, you can find it (along with a convenient link to a recipe) here. It’s called “Cardamom Peanut Butter Ice Cream Brownie Sundae with Chili-Spiked Chocolate Sauce”.

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