Sundae Funday: Three Very Different Kinds Of Games


Sundae Funday! And the last day of Steam summer sales. I’m proud to say I only spent $5 this year. Sadly, I also ended up spending another $30 on an import game from Play-Asia. At least it was at half price…


All the visual novel news of late has been making me want to step away from “regular” games for a bit and spend some time catching up on all the visual novel games I’ve missed out on in the last year or so, too. Kara no Shoujo is on that list, but I do find myself wishing there were more quality visual novels for portable game devices. I hope the digital stores on 3DS and Vita make those kinds of games more viable for publishers to bring over.




All About Binary Domain’s Robots

It’s man versus machine in the world of Binary Domain. Robotic technology has advanced greatly in 2080, but there are rules — like not making humanoid robots. Japan, the number one nation in the world when it comes to robotics, has been dabbling in gray area androids.


A Look Into The World Design Of Xenoblade Chronicles

Monolith Soft and Nintendo staff provide a look into how the bodies of Xenoblade Chronicles’ two giant gods were turned into the game’s various playing fields, each with their own climate and scenery.


code_18 Is Next In The Infinity Series, Here’s The Opening Movie

Cyberfront are developing the next title in the line of games that followed in Ever17’s footsteps. code_18, however, is penned by a group of otome game writers, and at first glance, appears quite different from KID’s games.



This week’s ice-cream is from the Japanese Ice-cream Blog. I spent a surprising amount of time browsing the site while writing this post.

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