Sunsoft’s Nantettatte!! Baseball Has Been Fan Translated Into English


nantettatte baseball 1

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Sunsoft’s old NES baseball game, Nantettatte!! Baseball has been fan translated into English as No Matter What!! Baseball by pacnsacdave and his crew.


This game is a rather orthodox baseball game, featuring 16 teams from the Japanese baseball league, each with their strengths and weaknesses, and even things like designated hitters. You can play through an entire season of 30 to 130 matches, and there are also modes where you can just watch CPUs play each other.


nantettatte baseball 5

One interesting bit of trivia regarding this game is how it was advertised as being able to update to the latest team rosters. Sunsoft managed this by using a non-standard Famicom double cassette system, and would sell the mini cartridges with team info data separately.


Here are some screenshots below:

nantettatte baseball 2

nantettatte baseball 3

nantettatte baseball 4 

You can find a link to the translation patch here.


Nantettatte!! Baseball was originally released for the Famicom in Japan.

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