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Super Mario 3D World’s Double Cherry Powerup Came From A Mistake


Super Mario 3D World has a new powerup called the Double Cherry, which creates clones of Mario and co. if they acquire one, allowing you to control multiple versions of your character. And while the powerup is called “Double Cherry,” trailers for the game has shown up to eight Marios being controlled by a single player using multiple Double Cherries.


Interestingly, the Double Cherry powerup came about as the result of a mistake on the part of member of the game’s development team, Nintendo have shared in an Iwata Asks interview.


When asked how the clone mechanic came about, director Kenta Motokura replied, “Well actually…we discovered that when a staff member made a mistake with the placement tool and put in two player Marios.” He added, “When we saw that, we thought it was great! So we went ahead and put that in the game.”


On the subject of the development team, co-director Koichi Hayashida reveals that about 100 people worked on Super Mario 3D World.


“At first, about 40 to 50, but there were about 100 in the end,” Hayashida shared, adding that this is partly why the number of ideas suggested by the development team for the game was so high. “When that many people threw out ideas, there was about three times more than ever before.”


Super Mario 3D World will be available for Wii U on November 22nd.

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