Super Mario Bros Wonder Empty Park Wonder Token Locations
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Super Mario Bros Wonder An Empty Park Wonder Token Locations

Super Mario Bros Wonder An Empty Park is the second Search Party stage with hidden Wonder Token locations. It’s slightly more challenging than Puzzling Park!

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Where are the five Super Mario Bros Wonder An Empty Park Wonder Token locations

You’ll need to go to W3 Shining Falls to get to Search Party: An Empty Park. It is between Poof! Badge Challenge and Break Time! Unreachable Treasure, right after you walk past the initial house welcoming you to the area. 

Like with Puzzling Park, the first Wonder Token is hidden immediately to the right of the entrance. Jump up right after coming in, and you’ll hit a wide question block that also makes the Wonder Token appear. There are then two more blocks at the “second” tier area, which you can hit from the main level to create a path to the item.

From there, you need to hit more of these invisible, wide blocks! I took a screenshot to show the pattern from that initial batch in the image above. Hitting the hidden block nearest the moving platform that spawns from hitting the upper left blocks causes the Wonder Token to appear.

Screenshot by Siliconera
Screenshot by Siliconera

Getting the third and fourth tokens means making more blocks appear. Hop on the moving platform, and jump when it reaches the top of its ascent. You’ll hit a block that spawns a horizontally moving platform. Halfway through its journey, jump to create a block that creates a raincloud. Then, hit an invisible block on the platforms to spawn a Wonder Token in its rainfall. You want to swim up through its rain, then hit two blocks above it as shown in my screenshot below. That causes both another Wonder Token and raining cloud to appear. 

Right above where you find that Wonder Token is another hidden block. Swim up into it to cause another cloud to spawn. Swim and jump to it. The final hidden block is just below the final cloud on the far left side of it. Hit that, and the Wonder Token will appear above the cloud.

Grab that, and the Wonder Seed will appear in the circular aura of light at the top of the stage. Grab that and you’re done.

Super Mario Bros Wonder is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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