Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood Opening in 2023

Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Hollywood opening 2023 launch date

Universal Studios Hollywood announced that Super Nintendo World will have its long-awaited opening at the location in 2023. Super Nintendo World is the official Nintendo theme park, with one location already open at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. Other locations are in development. The Hollywood location will be the first appearance of Super Nintendo World in the United States, but the park is also under construction at the Universal Studios Orlando location.

In the interim, Universal Studios Hollywood will be selling exclusive Super Nintendo World merchandise at the Feature Presentation store, which will open soon. The Hollywood location has already sold some Super Nintendo World merchandise before. Last August, it sold Mario plushes, hats, and bags for a limited time.

At present, Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan contains two major attractions: Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge and Yoshi’s Adventure. However, a substantial Donkey Kong area will be added in 2024, which will be designed like a jungle and offer accompanying themed food and beverages. When it is complete, it will make the total park size 1.7 times larger.

Although Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood is opening in 2023, the outlook is grim for the Orlando location. It may not open until early 2025.

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