Super Nintendo World Virtual Tour Provides a Firsthand Look at Attractions

Super Nintendo World Virtual Tour

Universal Studios Japan has released a special promotional website for Super Nintendo World. This includes a virtual tour of the attractions, shops, and landmarks that will be in Super Nintendo World. The website features a complete recreation of Super Nintendo World in 3D, and features a look at some of the rides in motion. [Thanks, Gamer!]

In December 2020, Nintendo held a Super Nintendo World Direct which provided a look at some of the attractions. The direct provided a firsthand look at some of the areas of Super Nintendo World in a video featuring Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto. However, the virtual tour through the website allows potential attendees to tour Super Nintendo World themselves.

Users only need to scroll their mouse wheel at the home page in order to begin their virtual tour. Additionally, a list of all available restaurants (including their menus), gift shops, and other park attractions have been listed through the official website. This includes:

  • (Kinopio) Toad’s Cafe
  • Pit Stop Popcorn
  • Yoshi’s Snack Island
  • 1UP Factory
  • Mario Motors
  • Mario Cafe & Store

The website also lists merchandise attendees will be able to purchase in Super Nintendo World, alongside several new activities that have been listed. Using the Power-Up band, attendees can participate in events and key challenges found around the park. Upon successful participation in the key challenges, attendees can team up and then go on to face Bowser Jr. in his lair.

Super Nintendo World’s Grand Opening will be February 4, 2021.

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