Super Robot Wars 3 On Super Famicom Gets A Full English Fan Translation

srw 3 1

Aeon Genesis has released a new Super Robot Wars 3 full English translation that is intended to replace the original English patch released back in 2002.


The new translation is based on improvements made during the Super Robot Wars EX fan translation, and also fixes mistranslated names, and things like fonts, chapter title displays, and more.


Super Robot Wars 3 was the first game of the series to hit the Super Famicom, and represents a stepping stone in the series’ finding its identity. It’s the first game in the series to have scenario branching paths, unit upgrades, and unit swapping; it is also a very difficult game.


Check out some screenshots below:

srw 3 2 srw 3 3

srw 3 4 srw 3 5

You can find the translation patch here.


Super Robot Wars 3 originally released on Super Famicom.

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