Super Robot Wars EX Is Now Playable In English Via Fan Translation


srw ex


Fan translation group Aeon Genesis has released a new translation for the Super Robot Wars series. This time, it is for Super Robot Wars EX, which originally released on Super Famicom.


The game features Masaki Ando, Lune Zoldak, and Shu Shirakawa as the main protagonists, with each character having their own route to play through. It’s a gaiden game that takes place after 3rd Super Robot Wars and is set in the subterranean world of La Gias, home of the Elemental Lords.


If you’re familiar with the Super Robot OG series, the plot of EX has been brought into that subseries via 2nd Super Robot Wars OG, which used Masaki and Lune’s routes for the first arc of the game. Meanwhile, Shu’s route has been elaborated upon in Super Robot Wars OG: Dark Prison.


Check out some screenshots below:

srw ex 2 srw ex 3

srw ex 4 srw ex 5


You can find a link to the fan translation here.


Super Robot Wars EX was originally released for Super Famicom.

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