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Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Lets You Listen To Music In Sleep Mode


    Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS has a cool feature built into it—the ability to listen to music from the game while the 3DS is in Sleep Mode. Director Masahiro Sakurai revealed the feature on Miiverse last night.


    “The 3DS version has an excellent Sounds collection! The design looks nice for a sound test screen, doesn’t it?” Sakurai said in a Miiverse post.


    “The font color for the ‘Remix’ text on remixed songs comes in pink or white,” he explained. “The pink ones are songs arranged for this version of Super Smash Bros., while the white ones are remixes made in earlier Smash Bros. games. This means there are reoccuring songs from past releases.”


    Sakurai then went on to explain the “Play in Sleep Mode” feature.


    “Choose your songs and play with features on the bottom screen,” Sakurai wrote. “You can listen to character voices, too. One of the new highlights for this feature is the ‘Play in Sleep Mode’ option in the upper right. If you turn this on, you can listen to the tracks with your headphones even when your Nintendo 3DS is closed.”


    “The L and R Buttons will let you skip tracks. This means you can use it as a portable music player. Enjoy listening to the tracks you love by putting all songs in loop, shuffle, or selecting your favorite tracks!!”


    You can view a list of the composers providing music for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS in this post.

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