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Super Smash Bros. Player Figures Out “Aerial Death Combo” For Little Mac



When the new Super Smash Bros. was first released, Little Mac was considered to be one of the more overpowered characters in the game. This quickly made him a popular choice among online competitors who felt that their chances of winning would be higher, were they to pick Mac over other fighters.


In the weeks that followed, though, players began to figure Little Mac’s tricks out, and extensive research has since laid bare his strengths and weaknesses for all to see. Of course, given how deep a game like Smash Bros. can be, players are still discovering new things about the various characters, including Mac, who, it now appears, has an “aerial death combo” that lets him air-juggle an opponent all the way to the top of the screen, despite being one of the most weak characters in mid-air.


Vine user Takajin discovered the trick, and YouTube user ZeRo explains how it works in the video embedded above. ZeRo notes that the trick is easier to perform against larger characters like Donkey Kong and Bowser, while being significantly harder against smaller ones like Sheik and Fox.


Via: Smash Bros. Reddit

Ishaan Sahdev
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