Super Smash Bros Ultimate Byleth’s Four Weapons Go for Different Sorts of Powerful Hits


The promised DLC character reveal has come and gone. Masahiro Sakurai showed the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Byleth fighter and all they have to offer. Since this professor borrows the legendary Heroes Relics from some of the more prominent students, a good portion of the video went over how each of them will work for this low mobility character.

The default weapon for Byleth is Sword of the Creator, the Hero Relic that they use within the game. It is used for a flurry of strong dash attacks and is the upward weapon. The up-smash attack will launch an enemy into the air with the whip-like sword. The up-air attack has it spun overhead like a tornado. As for up-special, it launches an enemy up into the air, then chases after them. It could also be used to hang from the edge of a stage.

Areadbhar, a spear Dimitri receives, is the side-ways weapon. This has a long reach. If you use a side-smash, it swings out and can be angled up or down. (It is stronger if you press up.) Its side-special is an upward swing with a long reach that can charge forward. (It could be easily blocked.)

Aymr is the Crest Stone axe Edelgard uses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is the downward weapon. If you press down-smash, you can swing it left and right for a heavy attack. The down-special puts all energy into an attack, giving Byleth a super armor effect while charging up the attack. (Grabbing Byleth can negate it.) You can turn or drop through platforms while charging it.

Finally, the Failnaught bow is the neutral attack option. (This is Claude’s weapon.) If you use a neutral air attack, Byleth will spin the bow. If you use a neutral special, Byleth will shoot out an arrow, though arrows can’t be released until the charge is released. You are vulnerable when charging it, but you can change direction.

As for the Final Smash, Byleth uses Progenitor God Ruptured Heaven. This has Sothis appear to help them with an attack.

Byleth’s color schemes were also discussed. Odds are male versions, while female ones are even. The third, fourth, and fifth color schemes are based on Dimitri, Edelgard, and Claude, while the sixth is inspired by Sothis. The seventh and eighth have Byleth with their different hair color.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Byleth 2

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available for the Nintendo Switch. Byleth is on the way as the next fighter.

Jenni Lada
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