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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Details Greninja’s Final Smash, Shulk, Zero, And A Flash Man Stage Remix


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This week’s Super Smash Blog showed off a few more details on the characters and items, including completely new info on Greninja’s Final Smash. Meanwhile, the Mega Man series gets its second arrangement, which is based on Flash Man Stage from Mega Man 2.


#50 Greninja

A ninja-like fighter that battles with moves like the Water Shuriken. Greninja can use a log for clever counterattacks, and this Pokémon can even stick to walls. During its Final Smash, it turns into Ash-Greninja…!?


#57 Shulk

He is the only fighter that can change his status during battle. His sword, the Monado, allows him to switch between five modes—Jump, Speed, Shield, Buster and Smash—which change his abilities for a short time. Fun fact: Shulk’s eighth color variation puts him in a pair of swimming trunks!


Zero – New Assist Trophy

zero 1

zero 2 (2)

He appears from the Mega Man series. Just like in his original appearance, he uses his learned moves to wreak havoc on stage!


Marshadow – New Assist Pokémon

marshadow 1

marshadow 2

This Pokémon can hide in the shadows. When it finds its target, it will emerge from the shadows and deal a powerful punch! When there are multiple opponents, it may change its target between punches so you’d better keep an eye out!


Green Greens – Returning Stage

green greens 1

green greens 2

A stage based on Green Greens from Kirby’s Dream Land. Whispy Woods (the tree in the center) blows wind to the sides. You can eat the apples it drops to recover health! Or you can just pick them up and throw them at your opponents.


Flash Man Stage – New Arrangement

You can now listen to “Flash Man Stage.” Enjoy Keiichi Okabe’s arrangement—featuring a fresh guitar part that kicks into a nostalgic tune!


Arrangement supervisor: Keiichi Okabe (known for work on NieR series, Tekken series, Taiko no Tatsujin series)


Furthermore, Nintendo has unexpectedly allowed Crunchii, a Youtuber who extends video game music, to post a shortened version (albeit looped) of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s main menu theme:


Youtuber BillyBob 125 has also created a complete version of the main menu theme by adding in the missing part that was heard in the background of some gameplay videos:


Here’s a link to the other remixes and arrangements, and other character features so far:

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will come to the Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

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