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Surfing Pikachu Comes To Pokémon X And Y In Japan



Over the years, the Pokémon RPGs have occasionally broken the rules by letting you teach certain moves to Pokémon that couldn’t normally learn them. One of the most memorable examples of this is the Surfing Pikachu, which made its debut in Pokémon Yellow.


Following an appearance in that game, Surfing Pikachu have made their way into others as well, including Ruby/Sapphire and HeartGold/SoulSilver. Now, one of these critters is making its way to Pokémon X and Pokémon Y in Japan via a distribution event.


The event is titled “Pikachu Tairyō Hassei-chū!” (roughly “Pikachu Mass Outbreak-chu!”) and is being held at various locations in the Minato Mirai district in Yokohama. It will run from August 9th – August 17th, and features an outbreak of Pikachu in the district. Every Pikachu being distributed through the event will have a different nickname.


The Pikachu comes at level 10 and knows the moves Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Surf and Hold Hands.


While the event has yet to officially kick off, Yokohama’s Pikachu invasion has already begun. Game Watch and others in Japan have been tweeting images of Pikachu making their way into the area:


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