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A Sword Or A Gun? Why Not Both? Yakuza Restoration Lets You Dual Wield


Yakuza Restoration has a lot waiting under the hood with its RPG-like features. Forge your own cannon and revolvers? Sure why not? We’ve previously touched on the four different stances that Ryouma Sakamoto aka Hajime Saito can fight in with the eminent “Street Battle Style” that Yakuza does, and now have more info on how that works out.


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Grasping the katana with both hands, players can use more powerful blows that can kill foes in a hit or two after charging attacks. It’ll also be possible to use your superior strength and skill to knock away an opponent’s sword and leave them ripe for a large gaping wound in their chest. It’ll also be easier to defend against incoming blows from melee weapons with just the sword in your hand to help fend off the blow. This is best for those who don’t believe really in defense, however, as the close-in moves can finish off groups fast.


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Pistols will come in four general varieties for players to choose from – such as rapid-fire types or more accurate versions – and is also the one for those who prefer to be like Indiana Jones. While it isn’t clear, they do also mention the ability to multi-shot foes, including those surrounding or behind you. Special ingredients can also be mixed with gunpowder to create bullets that burst into flames or poison foes. Yes, bullets now insta-poison foes. Defense though is pretty much kicking someone away from Ryoma or running away while shooting quickly.



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Arguably the weakest on the surface, don’t mess with unarmed combat. Wearing different types of armor or gauntlets can help improve the damage you’ll dole out, and the fast flurry of blows means enemies don’t get a chance to fight back once you start punching. It’s also possible to trigger a “Chance time!” system with it after countering a foe. Because you’re weaponless, you’ll also be able to pick up various items around the battlefield to use during fights such as that ridiculous medicine man’s cabinet. This is best for those who want a slow, measured pace of combat that relies on the one-shot reversal.



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Dual-Wield Sword/Pistol-style

For those who prefer their action sleek, fast and just mix-and-match there’s the dual-wielding option. With a katana in one hand and a gun in the other, players can mix up their combos or swap between foes at a moment’s notice. Run, slice and dice.


Yakuza Restoration will be out for PlayStation 3 and 4 February 22nd, 2014.