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Tactics Layer Downloadable Costume Catch Up


tactics-layer-dlc-imageOne of Tactics Layer‘s little bonus features is the ability to connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection every week or so to unlock new bonus costumes to use in combat. Usually, these costumes are just cute, but some, like the witch costume pictured on the right, actually have new skills that you characters can acquire.


Due to the delay that sometimes comes when you order a game from overseas, some gamers may have missed out on the first Tactics Layer downloadable costumes offerings. I know the first Wi-Fi unlockable costume I got was the Cupid attire that was available June 11-17, 2009.


There’s some good news though! I just popped Tactics Layer into my DS and connected to Wi-Fi to see what would happen, as the distribution period for the last unlockable costume, the Honeybee, ended August 5, 2009. While the WiFi page on the Tactics Layer site has not been updated, I can attest that the schedule has reset and the May 28-June 3 costume is now able to be unlocked by connecting to Wi-Fi.


Go ahead and check it out! Since there’s no new schedule, I’d recommend checking frequently to make sure you collect all the costumes you may have missed. Remember, you have to buy them in the shop once you unlock them! The costume parts aren’t automatically added to your game.

Jenni Lada
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