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PlayStation Vita Debut Pack Packed With Free To Play Games

By Spencer . January 19, 2015 . 11:48pm

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has a new PlayStation Vita bundle, but instead of a retail game it comes with a couple free to play games. Chain Chronicle V, Magica Wars, and Monster Hunter Frontier G are preinstalled.

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Magica Wars: Zanbatsu Is A Vita Action Game With 47 Girls Representing Regions In Japan

By Spencer . March 31, 2014 . 12:09am

Magica Wars: Zanbatsu is an extension of the Magica Wars series which focuses on 47 magical girls that represent the 47 prefectures in Japan.

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Magica Wars: Zanbatsu Will Be Released On March 27 For PlayStation Vita

By Sato . March 11, 2014 . 5:17pm

Magica Wars: Zanbatsu will be an action game with visual novel-like features, as a free-to-play title with premium items that can be purchased with cash.

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Magica Wars, Gainax’s Next Anime Series, Is Getting A Vita Game

By Spencer . December 3, 2013 . 5:06pm

Magica Wars for Vita will be available at the end of March. The game is a free to play fantasy action game developed by Galat.