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Lookout Wii owners! Ninjabread Man is coming to save the day?

By Spencer . June 26, 2007 . 12:40pm

The rumored partnership between Conspiracy Entertainment and Data Design Interactive in Europe is real. The deal between the two companies allows Conspiracy Entertainment to publish the 30+ Nintendo Wii titles set to come out this year in North America and Asia. Thirty games sounds like an overly ambitious number to develop in a year, but […]

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Conspiracy Entertainment is serious about bringing Metro 3D’s line up to the USA

By Spencer . May 15, 2007 . 4:59pm

  It appears even more of Metro 3D’s budget PS2 to Wii ports are coming to North America. The ESRB has listings for Billy the Wizard, Anubis II, and Mythmakers: Super Kart GP. There are thirteen budget games that Metro 3D is planning to release in Europe and they are:   01    Action Girlz Racing    […]

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“Conspiracy” to bring budget Wii games to North America?

By Spencer . May 14, 2007 . 7:10am

In Europe Metro 3D is porting their Playstation 2 software to the Wii and adding in waggle control. There are thirteen titles in development for release in Europe sometime this year and it looks like two of them may be appearing in North America. GameFly lists Conspiracy (probably Conspiracy Entertainment who recently brought Pocket Pool […]

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NinjaBread Man and other budget PS2 games ported on the Wii

By Spencer . February 28, 2007 . 11:19am

  Metro 3D who is responsible for quality software like Barry Hatter Billy the Wizard is jumping on the Wii bandwagon they have 13 titles in “development”, but they aren’t being made from the ground up. Instead Metro 3D is tweaking and shoveling their crap on the Wii. This news can be taken one of […]