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Taito Milestones Will Bring Classic Arcade Games To Switch Next Year

Taito Milestones brings classic arcade games to Switch

Taito revealed that it will release Taito Milestones on the Nintendo Switch in early 2022. This title will contain a compilation of many classic arcade games released by Taito in the 1980s. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Although only eight titles are currently known to be included, the press release noted that Taito will add more games into the collection. It also confirmed that Hamster, the company behind the Arcade Archives series, helped develop this port compilation.

Here are the first eight games confirmed in theĀ Taito Milestones lineup:

  1. The Ninja Warriors, a 1987 beat ’em up title where up to two players control the Kunoichi and Ninja androids in rebelling against the dictator Banglar.
  2. Halley’s Comet, a 1986 shooter title where the player controls a spaceship to protect planets in the solar system from alien invasions.
  3. The Fairyland Story, a 1985 action game where the witch Ptolemy defeats her enemies by turning them into cakes.
  4. Chack’n Pop, a 1984 platformer where the titular character Chack’n must free caged hearts while destroying enemies with grenades.
  5. Elevator Action, a 1983 2D action game where the player controls a spy to infiltrate a high-story building, steal documents stored in certain rooms, and escape through the basement.
  6. Alpine Ski, a 1982 ski sports game where the player goes through multiple ski courses while avoiding obstacles and other skiers.
  7. Wild Western, a 1982 action title where a sheriff on horseback must protect a train from being mounted by bandits.
  8. Front Line, a 1982 war game where a lone soldier marches towards an enemy fort with pistols, grenades, and tanks.

Taito Milestones will be available for the Nintendo Switch in Japan in February 2022.

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