Takara Tomy Announces Beyblade Day, Beyblade X

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March 21th is now officially Beyblade Day in Japan. As well, a new Beyblade project, Beyblade X, will go live in Summer 2023 in commemoration of the 25th anniversary it. Beyblade X will be the fourth anime adaptation of the spinning top toy, featuring a new generation and stadium. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

To begin with, let’s start with why March 21th is Beyblade Day. In the Japanese version of the Beyblade anime, matches preceded with “3, 2, 1, go shoot!” When you write out March 21 in numbers, you get 3/21, like the “3, 2, 1” in the above saying.

Beyblade is not the first franchise to have its own special date. January 31st, for example, is officially Final Fantasy VII Day in Japan. That is because that was the date of the game’s debut in 1997.

In terms of the Beyblade X anime, there is not much concrete information about it so far. We know that it will begin in Summer 2023. However, it’s unclear what the new gears and new stadium will look like. There is also little information on the cast and characters. Takara Tomy will update people via its official social media channels.

Beyblade is a line of spinning top toys that Takara Tomy released in Japan in 1999. The point of the game is to knock your opponent’s Beyblade out of the ring with your own. Some Beyblades excel at different things depending on what parts you give them. There were several anime adaptations based on it: the Original Series, the Metal Saga, and the Burst Saga.

Beyblade X will start airing in Summer 2023. Beyblade Day will be March 21th every year from now on.

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