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Take A Look At Kingdom Hearts III’s Version-Exclusive Keyblades


kh3 keyblade

Kingdom Hearts III is getting two Keyblades via platform-exclusive bonuses, as well as one via Amazon, and Square Enix recently showed off all three Keyblades in introductory videos, as well as what abilities they each have.


Midnight Blue

The Midnight Blue Keyblade will be a first-print bonus exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version of Kingdom Hearts III. While equipping it, you can use Blizzard Up, which increases the amount of damage done by Blizzard element attacks, as well as the powerful Blizzagan battle Situation Command.


Phantom Green


As you might expect, Phantom Green is a Keyblade exclusive to the Xbox One version of the game, obtained via the first-print bonus. You can use the Thunder Up ability that increases Thunder element attacks, and the Thundagan Situation Command.


Dawn Till Dusk

Dawn Till Dusk can be obtained via purchasing from Amazon, where you will receive the Keyblade as a bonus. While wielding Dawn Till Dusk, you can use the Fire Up ability to increase Fire element damage, and use the Figan Situation Command.


Kingdom Hearts III will be heading to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this month. It will make its Japanese debut on January 25, 2019, followed by a worldwide release on January 29, 2019. We previously reported on when the epilogue and secret movie will be added to the game here.

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