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Take A Look At Samurai Warriors: Chronicles’ DLC And StreetPass Battles


Once the game is out in the wild, Tecmo Koei will support Samurai Warriors: Chronicles with additional content in the form of downloadable missions. One of these missions is titled “The Battle for Arioka Castle.”



An interesting point to note from the screenshot above is that the downloadable mission appears to be fairly high in difficulty.


While Chronicles doesn’t have multiplayer support like Samurai Warriors 3, the game does support automated passive battles through the 3DS’ StreetPass feature, similar to the figurine battles from Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition.


Street Pass battle_08_b

In order to use this feature, you’ll have to create a party of four warriors for use in StreetPass mode, similar to the game’s singleplayer mode. You can also select the formation of your party, and the weapon that you’d like to win at the end of a battle.


Once all of this is configured, the next time you cross paths with someone that has Samurai Warriors: Chronicles data in their 3DS and the device is in sleep mode, a simulated battle will begin between your party and theirs. At the end of the battle, you’ll receive the weapon you chose to obtain from StreetPass battles.



The game also maintains a record of all your StreetPass battles with other players. In addition to obtaining weapons from battles, your copy of Samurai Warriors: Chronicles will reward you with items for fulfilling different criteria as well.


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