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Take A Look At Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition’s Online Mode



In just a little over a week (or less than one, in Europe), Capcom will release Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition alongside the launch of the Nintendo 3DS. Since it’s been a little while since they’ve released any media for the game, here’s a new batch of screenshots and a new trailer that shows off the game’s online play.


Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition supports Pro and Lite modes for online multiplayer. As reported in the past, the game allows you to map regular moves, Specials, combos or Ultras to four buttons on the 3DS touchscreen.


When you play online, you can choose whether you’d like to be matched up with “Lite” (touchscreen-assisted) players or only the “Pro” (traditional controls with limited optional touch input) players. Aside from touchscreen functionality, however, Super IV 3D also lets you change your physical button configuration on the 3DS.


Next up is the game’s Figure Collection mode. Figure Collection mode lets you unlock figures via an in-game slot machine. Each fighter has multiple figure variants, each with its own base stats. You can customize these further, and form a five-figure party to represent you in battles.


Super IV 3D uses the 3DS’ StreetPass function to communicate with other players who own the game, even if it isn’t in their 3DS when you cross paths with them. Via StreetPass, your figures will passively battle against another player’s while both 3DS systems are in sleep mode. You can also trade figures with friends.





Trailer courtesy of, who managed to figure out how to encode it for YouTube before us!

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