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Tales of Berseria Sold Through 87% Of Its Shipment



Tales of Berseria released last week in Japan, and Bandai Namco’s latest Mothership title sold 249,723 copies in its fist week between its PS4 and PS3 versions. Japanese sales tracker Media Create reports that it sold through about 87% of its initial shipment.


To be more precise, Tales of Berseria sold 173,537 copies for PS4 with a sell-through rate of 87.70% while the PS3 version sold 76,186 copies and about 86.18% of its shipment.


Looking back at past titles, Tales of Zestiria released in January 2015 and sold 340,891 copies in its first week with a sell-through of 89.52%. While its sell-through rate isn’t that different, Tales of Berseria only sold about 70% of what Zestiria did in its debut.


Going further back in time we had Tales of Xillia, which saw 525,605 copies sold in its debut back in September 2011 at a sell-through rate of 87.12%. Its sequel, Tales of Xillia 2, released on November the following year and sold 364,439 copies with a sell-through rate of 78.09%.


While the sell-through numbers for Berseria are similar to those of its predecessors, it isn’t necessarily a good thing in this scenario. When looking at sell-through numbers, keep in mind that it’s more indicative of how much the retailers are willing to accept these days. It’s no big secret that Tales’ sales numbers have been slipping the past few years, and the retailers accepting far fewer copies of the game certainly shows for it.

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