Tales of Anniversary Champagne Tastes Like Peaches

Tales of champagne

In commemoration of the Tales of series’ 25th anniversary, players can pick up a specialty bottle of champagne, as well as an accompanying champagne glasses. Animate will close pre-orders for the drink on January 3, 2022, and delivery will begin in mid-March 2022. While the set is 13,750 JPY (approximately $120.80), you can also purchase the champagne and glass separately.

On its own, the Tales of series anniversary champagne is 11,000 JPY (around $96.60). The glass is 2750 JPY ($24.15). The glass can hold about 5 ounces of liquid, and it has a golden “Tales of 25th anniversary” label on it. As for the champagne, it has a floral and fruity aroma due to its usage of pears and peaches. According to Animate, the champagne is the same kind of champagne available on international first class flights. The Tales of anniversary champagne has an alcohol content of 12.0%.

Fancy Tales of merchandise is not limited to champagne. U-Treasure will open up pre-orders of necklaces that draw inspiration from the main party members of Tales of Arise. The lowest price for these necklaces are the silver ones, which cost 14,300 JPY (approximately $125) each. For those who are more interested in Tales’ retro content, Discotek Media will release the Blu-Ray for Tales of Phantasia: The Animation in April 2022.

The Tales of series 25th anniversary champagne and glass are open for pre-order until January 3, 2022. They will come out in March 2022.

Stephanie Liu
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