Tales of Characters Standees Look Like They’re Dining With You

Tales of the Rays characters standees
Image via Kotobukiya

For the sixth anniversary of Tales of the Rays, Kotobukiya will run a lottery where you can get prizes of various Tales characters. This lottery will start from May 19, 2023. Samples of the prizes will appear at the Tales of the Rays 6th Anniversary Party venue, as well as in various Tales Shops in Japan.

In total, there are four kinds of prizes. They are:

  • S Prize: Giant Acrylic Stand to Enjoy Meals With (3 variations)
  • A Prize: Acrylic Stand (6 variations) – Recollection Mode characters
  • B Prize: Miniature Acrylic Stand (14 variations)
  • C Prize: Big Face Card (22 variations)
  • D Prize: Can badges (16 variations)

The three characters for the giant acrylic stand are Yuri, Milla, and Ludger. You can put them on the table across from you while eating to make it look like you’re dining together. The giant acrylic stand and big face card are both around 30 centimeters tall. As well, you can get a guaranteed S prize if you buy the 30-pull set, and you’re able to pick which of the three you want.

Here are some pictures of the various prizes:

With Tales of Luminaria no longer in service and Tales of Asteria on its way out, Tales of the Rays will be Bandai Namco’s only remaining mobile game for the Tales franchise. It is a collaboration title where characters from past games show up and play an important part in the story. There is also a gacha system in which you can get characters, which includes collaboration ones from intellectual properties like Gintama and Valkyrie Anatomia.

The Kotobukiya-kuji for Tales of the Rays will start on May 19, 2023.

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