Tales of Crestoria’s Vicious Is Looking Fierce in His New Trailer

tales of crestoria vicious

Another character has stepped up to get a little more attention ahead of the Tales of Crestoria release. This time, it is someone a little bit suspicious. But, at the same time, he did help our heroes out. People will have to take some time to watch the Tales of Crestoria Vicious trailer and decide for themselves if he might be a trustworthy ally.

As always, the point of these trailers is to show off character art, offer samples of voice acting, and give people a chance to find out what someone might be like. This is especially helpful here, as Vicious is one of the three free SR characters people will get by playing through the campaign. His voice actor is Yuma Uchida, who you might recognize from The King of Fighters recent entries as Rock Howard or Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers as The Crystal Exarch.

Here’s the video showing off the Tales of Crestoria Vicious trailer. As a note, the character was designed by Miyuki Kobayashi, who also designed characters for games like Tales of Vesperia and Zestiria.

Tales of Crestoria Vicious (CV: Yuma Uchida)

Character Designer: Miyuki Kobayashi

A gallery of images showcasing Vicious’ different character designs, 3D model, and facial reactions was shared by Bandai Namco on the game’s official website.

As a reminder, this Tales of Crestoria Vicious trailer is the third to be released. The first looked at Kanata Hjuger, the game’s protagonist, while the second focused on the orphaned young woman who grew up alongside him, Misella.

Tales of Crestoria will come to Android and Apple iOS devices in early June 2020. However, as Bandai Namco mentioned before, the pandemic could end up delaying that release window.

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