Tales of Series Characters Will Appear in Chain Chronicle

Tales of Eternia Reid Herschel will appear in Chain Chronicle

Sega’s ongoing Japanese mobile game Chain Chronicle will receive guest characters from Bandai Namco’s Tales of series. The company has set up a new webpage dedicated to the crossover event.

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The Chain Chronicle collaboration event will add multiple characters from the Tales of series. Reid Herschel, the protagonist of the 2000 title Tales of Eternia, was the first character announced for this crossover. Reid’s original Japanese voice actor Akira Ishida will reprise the role. Sega will reveal more characters coming from the franchise in due time.

Chain Chronicle is a mobile RPG with a tower defense-styled gameplay system. Other than Tales of, the game had also received guest characters from various franchises, including the Atelier series. A western release of the title appeared in December 2014. However, it later shut down shortly after a year in February 2016.

Meanwhile, the game remains active in Japan for more than eight years since it first released in 2013. The latest major update, which rebranded the title into the fourth chapter, came out in 2020. Even though Sega revealed a new mobile game titled Sin Chronicle in October 2021, the long-running Chain Chronicle still has not shown any signs of shutting down.

Chain Chronicle is immediately available for Android and iOS mobile devices in Japan.

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