Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology U.S. Bound



IGN confirmed today that Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology (titled Tales of the World for its U.S. release) is bound for a U.S. release sometime in the summer. This is all great news for Tales fans considering a Tales of the World game has never, ever seen a U.S. release; and the Tales of the World series, much like the mainstream Tales of series, deserves to have some attention outside its Japanese fanbase.


The only big difference between the JPN and US versions thus far is the lack of multiplayer battles via ad hoc in the U.S. version; instead, players will only be able to use ad hoc connection to trade items with one another whereas in the JPN version players could fight together in battles. Don’t know if that’s good news or bad news, but at least we’re getting a Tales of the World game.


Now let’s get to work on that Rebirth remake, Bamdai. 

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