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In Tales of Zestiria, The Terrain Can Affect Battles


    Tales of Zestiria will have a character named Martron, revealed in the latest issue of Japan’s Shonen Jump magazine, Anime News Network reports. Martron is a female knight, known as the “Blue Valkyria”.


    The character will be voiced by Mami Koyama, and is the teacher of Alicia, one of the game’s two main protagonists.


    Additionally, Shonen Jump confirms once again that battles in Tales of Zestiria will take place in the current setting that you find yourself, and that geographical features of the map will affect fights.


    One example the magazine cites in this regard is slight ramps in the environment having the ability to affect the tide of the battle.


    You’ll also have access to “map actions” that have different effects on your characters. “Cloak of Ghost Fog” will render you invisible to enemies, while “Chief’s Wrist” will allow you to break boulders blocking your path.

    Ishaan Sahdev
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