Tame Monsters And Use Them To Fight And Explore When Monster Sanctuary Makes Its Early Access Debut On August 28, 2019


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Monster Sanctuary, a PC game that blends Pokemon-like monster collecting and training with Metroidvania exploration elements, is about to make its early access debut. On August 28, 2019, Moi Rai Games will give people a chance to acquire new monsters and have teams of three of them aid their exploration and adventures in a world where relations between humans and monsters are breaking down. It will cost $17.99/€15.99/£13.99.


In Monster Sanctuary, players are a trainer who can acquire monsters and use their abilities to explore and survive. You’ll first need to find monsters, either by hatching them from eggs or collecting them. Once you have one in your party, you’ll be able to have them fight in the world to grow. Each one has a skill tree you get to go through as they level up, determining the skills they can use and how you would use them in a fight. 3v3 real-time fights take place in the world against other monsters. Also, monsters can have abilities that let you get past obstacles and explore more of the area.


Here is the Monster Sanctuary early access trailer that shows how fights can look and monster abilities can allow a player to fly over gaps, flip switches, or remove obstacles.



Monster Sanctuary will come to PCs via early access on August 28, 2019. A demo is immediately available.

Jenni Lada
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