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Tencent’s Pokemon Unite Will Be a Team-based Battle Game


The July 24, 2020 Pokemon Presents has revealed a new project from The Pokemon Company and Tencent. It is Pokemon Unite and is the game with Timi Studio. It will be a free-to-start Nintendo Switch, Android, and Apple iOS game. Cross-play will be available. It is a strategic, real-time game (a Pokemon MOBA) for up to ten players, with five on each side.

Each Pokemon Unite match has two times of five Pokemon each. You head into a Battle Arena, which has five goals on each team’s side. Then, you battle wild Pokemon to recruit them, then attack goals to get points.

Each player’s Pokemon starts at level one. They level up, learn new skills, and evolve as they fight wild Pokemon. There are also unique Unite skills for each one. Some shown in the trailer were Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu, Squirtle, Fletchling, Clefairy, Snorlax, Riolu, Machop, and Ghastly. (When you select them, you see their final evolutions, but they start in the arena at their initial evolution and level one.)

Here is the full Pokemon Presents looking at the game. In the second half, you get to see a five-versus-five match up.

Pokemon Unite will come to the Nintendo Switch and both Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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