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Tenchu Z: Ninjas on the 360


    Tenchu Z


    Remember the days when we were kids and idolized ninjas? Tenchu on the Playstation granted us the chance by putting players into the shoes of these secretive figures and sneaking up on innocent guards in the dark with its excellent stealth system.


    Despite its less than stellar outings on the PS2/DS, I have longed for another good Tenchu game that would satisfy my ninja urge and here comes Tenchu Z (or better known in Japan as "Tenchu Senran") for the Xbox 360 this summer. There are new features such as character customization (this time you will not be controlling Rikmaru or Ayame) which adjusts both looks and stats, a new "ninsatsu" one-hit kill strike, the ability to stalk your prey by peeking through screen doors, and last but not least a four-way co-op online mode. Could this finally turn the tables around on the Tenchu series? Past the break to see the latest English trailer, with the cheesy narration in all its glory…





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