Tharja Joins Camilla In Getting Her Own Monster Hunter World Mod


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Another one of Fire Emblem’s heroines is apparently joining the Research Commission. zStatykz has created another mod. This time, Fire Emblem Awakening’s Tharja is heading off to fight some creatures in Monster Hunter World. You can find it for the PC version of the game on Nexus Mods right now.

Like zStatykz’s Camilla mod, this is a Ciri model replacement with particle efx from Crimson for its unique Slinger. Once downloaded and applied, equipping the normal or layered Ciri sets will turn you into Tharja. She has moving eyes, her armor can be dyed, and her optional Slinger makes it look as though she is using magic for grappling action. (However, the Slinger option does replace it for all characters.) Instructions for swapping between Tharja and Camilla, should someone grab both mods, are also available.


Here is a video from CantaPerMe showing the Tharja Fire Emblem Monster Hunter World mod in action.



Here are images showing what it looks like when Tharja has a Slinger equipped or is using her matching grapple.


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A Tharja voice mod is also available from ItsBurpee. When applied, it will replace Ciri’s voice acting with Tharja’s from Fire Emblem Warriors. The description noted that it will kick in with-battle voices, gesture voices, and some other actions’ lines. If you don’t download this optional mod, then the base Tharja mod will use player preset 18.


In addition, there is a new mod designed to work with the Monster Hunter World mod zStatykz that brings Camilla to the game. ItsBurpee has created a voice acting mod that replaces Ciri’s voice acting with lines from Camilla’s appearance in Fire Emblem Warriors. Specifically, it alters her in-battle lines and ones for some other actions.


Monster Hunter World is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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