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The Amazing Spider-Man’s Side Missions Will Evolve Throughout The Game


Beenox studio head, Dee Brown, has been doing interviews and tweets about The Amazing Spider-Man, giving away little bits and pieces of information in each of his discussions or thoughts on the game.


Speaking with Comic Nation TV, Brown says that The Amazing Spider-Man will have four main focuses: the story; making the player feel like Spider-Man; the new Web Rush ability; and the return of an open Manhattan to explore. As previously reported, the story for the game takes place after the movie, which means you’ll get to see a bunch of characters like the Rhino that aren’t in the movie version.


Making the player feel like Spider-Man, Brown says, is being done by positioning the camera closer to the action. In a tweet, Brown elaborates on this further, sharing that, during a long free-fall, Spider-Man will accelerate under the influence of gravity. At times like this, the camera is designed to induce vertigo. And in case you were wondering, no, he won’t hit the ground and pass out. Instead, he’ll shoot out a web line at the last second and perform a safe landing.


The Web Rush ability, as previously reported, switches to a first-person perspective, and highlights objects and places he can swing to. It’s sort of like an advanced quick-time event that calculates where you want to go, and makes Spider-Man perform a series of movies to get there. You can use it to get yourself out of a pinch, or to simply get somewhere faster, but Brown says that, depending on the situation, the animation for the Web Rush could be completely different. For example, while you’re out in the open, the animation could change depending on whether or not there’s a vehicle in the vicinity, and whether Spider-Man will use it as a prop to vault off of or not.


Finally, as promised, Manhattan will be open to explore right from the start of the game, and the kinds of side missions you’ll be able to take on will evolve throughout the game. For example, early side missions may involve random petty crimes or beating up a group of thugs in a back alley, but eventually, you’ll be required to go on car chases and foil elaborate bank robberies.


You’ll also be able to take on picture missions. Spider-Man will be able to take pictures with his camera to add to your in-game gallery, and you’ll also be able to help a certain character in the game by collecting photo evidence for them. Most of this will be done as Spider-Man, rather than Peter Parker. Brown says that there’s only one interactive scene in the game as Peter. That having been said, here’s concept art for Peter’s bedroom:



Brown also confirmed over Twitter that, yes, there will be unlockable costumes in the game, although he wouldn’t say which ones. The Amazing Spider-Man will have special controls for the Wii and PlayStation Move. Interestingly, Beenox themselves are also working on the 3DS version of the game. The DS version is being developed by Other Ocean, and will feature different content and play style as per usual.

Ishaan Sahdev
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